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Asset management

Software workflow

Workflow Software
infraestructure companies

Software workflow

Workflow Software
infraestructure companies

Maintenance, auxiliary services, elevators, automatic doors, HOAs managment, plague contro, etc.

Workflow software for asset management

Preventive and corrective managment processes are key for minimizing non-working times or depreciations in assets and infrastructures management. Ensuring the right person is assigned to the right task in the right.

From bulldozers to hi-tech medical equipment, including buildings, factories and production lines, Work&Track Mobile is adapted to your assets needs:

  • Manage preventive maintenance choosing the best available resource and the optimal time to avoid overshooting or infra-maintenance costs.
  • Incorporate protocolized attention processes to offer staff-independent resolution to any incidence.
  • Offer field service technicians all the information they need, directly available on their smartphones.


Work&Track Mobile offers you:

  • Defining and following custom maintenance processes for each kind of asset.
  • Company and subontractors’ field service technicians activity planning and real-time coordination.
  • Visibilty and control over all field activities in a unified central panel.
  • Intelligent task dispatching based in your own business criteria.
  • Easy integration with company’s IT systems.
  • Service routes optimization, integrated with task times.
  • Dispatch new services and emergencies intelligently.
  • Dynamic forms and processes to gather and organize all your activity details.
  • Real-time incidence tracking and resolution.
  • Health&safety processes management.


The platform scalability has no limits, making this tool perfect for growing companies.



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