Custom development.
NEO development.

Experts in FLOW, mobility and telematics

Technology advance at casual rythms, like jazz, creating the best melodies from fortune and improvisation.

NEO is inside each technological change, feeling its speed, and moving always forward together. This is behind the passion and involvement in all our projects.

Our goal is building systems to help companies in their digital transformation, converting information into action, in a similar way to the piano man pushing the right key and hearing the perfect sound.

Our team is a great professionals orchest, technology passionated, and they will put the rythm in your business processes, taking care of their whole digital transformation life cycle: from initial analysis to final

We help our customer to find their perfect flow, their optimal work rythm, their custom technological transformation, caring day after day for their fast and cost-effective digitalization.

Witn NEO, you will get the information you want, when you want and where you want.

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